Saturday, 20 September 2008

Harry's Stamps

Harry's stamps are on sale now.

The main company "The Westminster Collection" prefers to deal directly with customers but is happy to take orders through the website.

On Remembrance Sunday a special wreath will be laid for the UK overseas territories, including the British Indian Ocean Territory. The wreath remembers the 3,000,000 troops provided by the empire in World War I. In order to commemorate their soldiers the British Indian Ocean Territory have produced a special 2008 set of Remembrance Stamps. This beautiful six value set features six stamp sheets showing valiant World War I soldiers, of all levels and ranks, and extracts from their letters home. Included in the set is a sheet dedicated to Harry Lamin himself. It features his image and part of one of his letters home.

"Just to let everyone know that I received these stamps today (I live in the US) and they are GREAT! if you are related to any of the WWI vets or have been following Harry's blog - I strongly recommend these."

Reader Nanny (Shirley)

(prices in UKP)

Set of 6 Harry Lamin Stamps £9.99
Postage U.K. £2.50 Order Ref: 216/8305
Postage World £5.00 Order Ref: 216/9754

I understand that, Philatelically speaking, a "broken" set with just Harry's stamps will have little value to a collector. The complete set is the interesting product.

Full set of 6 sheets £28.99
Postage U.K. £2.50 Order Ref: 216/9491
Postage World £5.00 Order Ref: 216/9764

Signed Certificate £10.00
Order Ref: 216/8158
Postage Free with any other item ordered

For any multiple orders, postage need only be paid once.

If you would care to use the Paypal system (which also accepts credit and debit cards), Click on the appropriate button to the left. I'll then instruct the distributors to send the goods directly to you. (Order reference numbers will not be required but ensure that you select the correct button for postage)

*Please note there is only one full set of stamps left available through the blog*

In addition, I will email to you an MP3 (2.5 Mb) file of the whole of the letter used on the stamp, being read by an "Ilkeston boy". (His grandson.)

To order directly from the company use the post, phone or fax as shown below. They will invoice you accordingly.

Telephone (0)8708 500 505
Telephone (Overseas) 44 1923 475 575
Fax +44 (0)1923 277 682
Post to: The Westminster Collection, PO Box 100, Watford, Herts, WD18 7FD

Thank you for following Harry's blog

Bill Lamin